Q: How much will it cost me to remove or trim this tree?

A: The cost of tree work is hard to determine over the phone, therefore you will need to schedule an estimate appointment for an accurate quote. 

Q: When is the best time to prune my fruit trees?

A: Fruit trees should typically be pruned during the months of January or February. 

Q: Do you climb with spurs?

A: We ONLY climb with spurs when we are removing a tree. Spurs damage the tree, and in some cases can lead to the death of a tree.

Q: Why is it important to have a professional tree service company prune your trees?

A: Improperly pruned trees can include tears left on a stub which weakens the tree, too much of a stub left on the tree which can be a perfect entry point for insects and will take longer to heal, removing the wrong limbs can weaken your tree. 

Q: Why is topping bad?

A: Topping will ruin the structure of your tree, and eventually make your tree a hazard. Topping often leaves large open wounds which may never heal. Often wounds left     from topping will decay and eventually lead to the death of a tree. Topping will set you     on a viscous cycle of having to retop your trees every year potentially costing you     thousands of dollars more.